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Bloodline Inks

BLOODLINE - 7 Colour Fleshtone Set

BLOODLINE - 7 Colour Fleshtone Set

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Bloodline Tattoo Ink is Made in the U.S.A.

The 7 Colour Fleshtone Set includes:
Candle Lit Flesh (Good foundation flesh tone with a creamy gold shade)
Dry Ice (A Bloodline original. Smoky overcast off white, excellent for all types of black and grey work)
Mahogany (Perfect solid antique brown. Versatile. Can be mixed with all Bloodline oranges, purples, or violets)
Natural Flesh (Bright creamy golden orange flesh tone for all types of portrait for and realism)
Traditional Flesh (Excellent medium flesh tone for pinups and portraits)
Victorian Blush (Frosty creamy violet orange shade. Great for portraits and realism)
Caramel Creem (Medium caramel brown, green, red and white mixture. Recommended for shading. Not a solid brown)

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