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StarBrite Colors

STARBRITE - 25 Essential Set 2

STARBRITE - 25 Essential Set 2

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The Essential 25 Set 2 provides a variety of reds, blues, greens, purples, and dark tones. These colours are great for filling in space, using as highlights or dark shading in areas that need it.

The STARBRITE 25 Essential Set 2 comes with the following brilliant, long-lasting colours:

Baby Blue
Battleship Grey
Blue Freeze
Brite Orange
Country Blue
Florida Moss
Grassy Green
Killer Kiwi
Leaf Green
Lippy Tone
Midnight Blue
Minty Green
Purple Purps
Purple Rain
Royal Blue
Rude Rouge
Rusty Orange
Salmon Sushi
Scarlet Red
Steel Blue
Storm Cloud
Tribal Black
Turbo Black
Vampire Red

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