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ËSCHERS Cartridges Round Liners #10 (0.30mm)

ËSCHERS Cartridges Round Liners #10 (0.30mm)

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Engineered for Stability and Superior Ink Flow!

The first line of ëschers cartridges have been designed and tested in Canada with a focus on achieving excellent line work due to their enhanced stability and premium quality materials. The tip design and finish provide maximum ink hold and smooth flow, allowing the artist to pull much longer lines in one movement, while the clear, narrow shape offers better visibility. 


- Excellent ink hold and smooth flow

- Exceptional stability and durability

- Finger ledge

- Long Taper

- 0.30mm #10

- Safety membrane

- Medical grade stainless steel

- Medical grade plastic tip

- EO Gas sterilized

- 20 needles per box

- Conveniently packaged in a sealed, drawer style box

- Colour coded for easier identification

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