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KWADRON Combat SE Magnums #10 (0.30mm)

KWADRON Combat SE Magnums #10 (0.30mm)

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Combat Magnum by Kamil Mocet is the largest magnum cartridge of such high quality available in the tattoo world. Using expert knowledge and experience, we have created a product with excellent qualities and, above all, quality unattainable by other brands. 

The advanced and automated technological process used in the production of KWADRON cartridges guarantees that each cartridge is equally perfect. KWADRON cartridges have a unique needle stabilisation system that ensures their durability and optimum performance. The cartridges' housing is made of medical-grade plastic, reducing friction between needle and housing to a minimum, while the needles themselves retain their sharpness.

'I’ve been in the tattoo industry for over 23 years, over that time I was able to discover and try different styles. Lately, I wanted to step up the game and work more efficiently - that’s how Kwadron and I created COMBAT MAGNUMS.' - Kamil Mocet

Magnum cartridges are dedicated to shading and fills, ideal for large, wide areas. The needles in this type of cartridge are arranged in a double, staggered row.

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