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KWADRON Optima Gold

KWADRON Optima Gold

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Introducing Optima Gold: ultra-precise cartridges for permanent makeup that provide perfectly soft and satin effects.  

Harnessing the innovative SoftPro system, Kwadron Optima Gold cartridges secure the primary needle with additional components, ensuring needle stability and integrity. This technological advancement maintains meticulous precision, facilitating seamless pigment application. Optima Gold cartridges are perfect for all shading techniques.  

Optima Gold cartridges come in three sizes: 25/1RLLT, 30/1RLLT, 35/1RLLT.  

Every Kwadron Optima Gold cartridge features a complete protective membrane and undergoes meticulous packaging in sterile, single-use containers, ensuring utmost hygiene and convenience. 

Tested on wireless machines. 

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