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Perma Blend

PERMA BLEND Shading Solution

PERMA BLEND Shading Solution

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Use Perma Blend to change the pigments consistency.

Thick Shading Solution slightly thickens the pigment consistency while also lessening the pigment load.

Thin Shading Solution makes the pigment more fluid and lessens the pigment load.

Directions for Use:  

  1. Store in a room temperature environment
  2. Do not leave product out in the sun
  3. Handle containers with fresh-from-the-box single-use gloved hands
  4. Shake pigment for at least 1 minute before pouring
  5. After pouring, ensure the lid is securely sealed and return to its storage area
  6. To change consistency, only use Perma Blend Shading Solutions. Do not mix with water or other thinning agents
  7. Pigment expires 12 months after opening 
  8. Unopened pigment expires after 3.5 years
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