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Perma Blend

PERMA BLEND Supreme Brow Trio

PERMA BLEND Supreme Brow Trio

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Create stunning brows for clients of any age with this limited edition set. The Brow Generations Trio contains 3 brand new browns already earning high marks for each color’s versatility in use. With Brown Ash, silver beauties will love how this color heals a tad ashy, blending perfectly with their greys. The neutrality of Go-To Brown and Brown perfection are their greatest attributes — easily warm or cool these colors for clients of any age or skin tone. 

“What’s better than one flawless brown? How about three? With these three colors brand new to the Perma Blend 

line, create a variety of brows for clients of all ages with this diverse trio of cool to neutral pigments.”  - Anne Marie Rubino, Perma Blend Brand Director 

In this Trio: 

Brown Ash 

A medium brown that heals ashy with a slightly cooler undertone. It borders a more neutral temperature but, in its application, this versatile color can be used on both warm and cool skin tones and modified to fit the client as needed. 

Go-To Brown 

This is a medium opacity color that has been intentionally crafted with lovely characteristics of a less cool, dark brown with a whisper of warmth. You will find yourself going to this color time and time again. 

Brown Perfection 

With medium opacity, this ink when used straight isn’t sheer or opaque, so you have beautiful happy-medium brows. Mix with other colors or our thin shading solution to reach the perfect healed results for each of your clients. 

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