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Solid Ink

SOLID INK Max Rodriguez - Heredia

SOLID INK Max Rodriguez - Heredia

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Heredia: It is one of the seven provinces of Costa Rica, known as the city of flowers for its beautiful orange flowers that adorn the landscape, the landscape where I grew up.

Heredia: Es una de las siete provincias de Costa Rica, conocida como la ciudad de las flores por sus hermosas flores naranja que adornan el paisaje, paisaje donde yo crecí.

All Solid Ink pigments are vegan and cruelty free.

Made in the USA.


Aqua CAS #7732-18-5, Pigments, Glycerin CAS #56-81-5, Isopropyl Alcohol CAS #67-63-0 & Hamamelis CAS #84696-19-5

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