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T-TECH Flat Shaders #12 (0.35mm) Long Taper

T-TECH Flat Shaders #12 (0.35mm) Long Taper

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All of Generation A T-Tech needle cartridges have a newly designed and patented protective barrier membrane and are equipped with a patented capillary-action tip that guarantees a smoother ink flow for longer periods of time.

Each flat cartridge has a standard twist lock mechanism, compatible with most conventional tattoo machine grips. It securely locks the cartridge in place for safe tattooing.

The flats configurations are available with 5 and 7 needle points. T-Tech flats allow for better ink dispersion and covering large areas while tattooing. It can be also used in lining and deep color packing, such as used in traditional styles. The flat needles are #12 (0.35mm) in diameter with a 3.5mm long taper.

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