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Viscot XL Prep Resistant Ink - Colors

Viscot XL Prep Resistant Ink - Colors

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XL Colors provide enhanced visibility for procedural orientation. Colors available include red, green, and purple.

All ViXL® Ink is visible up to 10x longer vs. Traditional Ink

XL Colors are specifically designed for:

  • Aiding in procedural orientation - perfect for "mommy make overs" where multiple procedures are being preformed

  • Marking patients with skin tones pigments of 5 and 6 for improved visibility - for red and green colors only

  • Offering an alternative to those concerned with California's Proposition 65 - for red and green colors only

1. For single patient use only to avoid infection.

2. Dispose of after use.

3. Do not re-sterilize.

4. Skin surface must be clean and dried before marking skin.

5. Consider whether the patient is sensitive to Gentian Violet.

6. Protect the tip when using the skin marker and cap after use to avoid

the ink volatilizing.

7. Please destroy if the product is expired.

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