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World Famous

WORLD FAMOUS 12 Must-haves Set

WORLD FAMOUS 12 Must-haves Set

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The 12 Must Have Ink Set by World Famous is the "epic dozen" of tattoo inks, featuring all the essential primary colors you need to create stunning, vibrant tattoos.

Made in the USA with only the highest-quality ingredients, this vegan-friendly ink set is the perfect choice for professional tattoo. Achieve higher saturation with unparalleled results every time.

"This set features 12 primary colors that are crucial for any professional tattoo artist. They're bold, they're bright, and they're wildly versatile. Wheather you're doing traditional or a modern masterpiece, these inks will make your work stand out for sure. So, color addicts be warned! Once you get your hands on Must-Haves, the inspo won't stop coming". - Lou Rubino. Founder, World Famous Tattoo Ink

Size: 1/2oz bottles

Set includes: Caramel, Canary Yellow, Einstein Blue, Everest Orange, Hoover Dam, Navy Seals Blue, Legendary Outlining Black, Purple Heart, Paris Pink, Sailor Jerry Red, Vegas Green and White House

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